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Ecstatic Dance is a global movement of free form conscious dance gatherings that aim to cultivate connection + community through movement + music. These gatherings are intended to be a respite from the default world of personas in which we operate according to social norms. Here, on this dance floor we dive deep into embodied wisdom and shed various layers in order to connect with our most authentic, creative and playful self.

In this space politics, gender, preferences, ethnicity and other social “boxes” are wholesomely irrelevant. Ecstatic Dance is a neutral zone in which you can feel safe and supported to be your wild, unbridled self without judgment. We operate from a culture of consent, meaning that we collectively agree to honor the validity of senses, emotions and individual journeys. The movement journey is guided by music that has an ambient, ethereal start and explores various tempos, emotions and themes to a peak from which the music returns to soft stillness. DJ sets feature a blend of high quality, recently released electronic dance music, world rhythms, funk, groove, jazz, throwbacks and hip-hop; a diverse array dependent on the personal flair of the DJ. All lyrics, if any, are high-vibe, positive and uplifting.

Ecstatic Dance Baltimore is founded and produced by The Bhava Collective, a DC-based group that aims to promote our global transition into higher consciousness and a social paradigm that is rooted in tribal values, alcohol-free socialization, trust in the senses and celebration of the body. This growing conscious community is built by individuals who are stoked on getting great exercise while liberating the mind and body; connecting with self and with others in a vibrant, healthy space. We're excited about moving in organic and inventive ways that reflect how we feel, not how anyone else tells us to move. All events are alcohol-free, non-verbal, judgment-free, barefoot experiences.

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