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Brand Chat
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We Are Doing It Old School…chatting face to face!

You’ve heard the term brand A LOT! As a small business owner, you are left wondering: What can a brand do for me? I’m not sure what they are, but are they for a small business like me? Well, there’s a lot they can! Brands do more for small business’ than you’d ever thought possible. They are a way to harness your business reputation into a powerful tool that increases business, improves sales and decreases showroom shoppers.

Brand Chats are monthly town hall style forums co-hosted in and around Orange County with local small business’. Led by brand guru, business coach and one swanky guy, E.H. Howard. It’s an opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions about how brands can help your business grow.. It’s not someone talking at you, it’s someone talking with you which means t’s never the same experience twice. It’s a dynamic town hall like discussion that shows how brands can improve sales and marketing efforts, social media posts and customer interactions. Brands are how you convert showroom shoppers to loyal consumers.

Come join us! Meet new people, explore new ideas and see how you can put into immediately harness the power of brands to grow your business.

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