What we're about

Are you an independently published author? Are you interested in self-publishing your work?
Do you want to make a living with your writing? ARE you making a living with your writing?
Are you interested in having some indie author pals to chat with, hang out with?

Want to meet up to get some writing time in or do some writing sprints?

Well, this is the place for you!

We’ll meet up to just sit & write with our noise canceling head phones, headphones or no headphones. We’ll write on laptops, paper, iPads, phones or notecards.

Other meetups can be about tech stuff, publishing platforms, advertising, marketing, craft or other indie author biz stuff.

Please note...This👏🏻IS NOT👏🏻 a critique group. Do not ask members to read your stuff. That’s the path to the dark side.
Hire an editor or get a beta team. Don’t know how to do that? Then come to these meetups!

We’ll be supportive of whatever you‘ve defined as success. Writing & Publishing every month? Cool! Writing & Publishing once a year? Love it! Every ten years? Great! You’ve done something 90% of the world will never do! You’re awesome!

All genres welcome! Erotica, sci-fi, fantasy, LGBTQ+, Christian fiction, western, thrillers, cozy mystery & whatever else is out there, you’re welcome to the table(s). Just come out of your hidey-hole for an hour to write, chat, get inspired, recharged & inspired to keep going.

Also, no jerks allowed. If you're repeatedly, knowingly disrespectful or are harassing anyone in the group for any reason, you'll be removed from the group. Okay? Ok.

Let's Write and kick some Publishing ass!

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