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What we’re about

Lifestyles Unlimited® is the premier education and mentoring group for real estate investors. Since 1990, we have been teaching our program to both beginning and advanced investors. We use real estate to build wealth, passive income, and financial freedom.

We mentor on all forms of residential real estate, from single family homes to apartment complexes with hundreds of units. Many of our members have never owned investment real estate before. We guide members step-by-step through property locating, evaluating, negotiating, financing, closing, rehabbing, leasing, and managing.

Our mission is to teach our members how to supplement or replace their earned income with passive income, thereby reducing their dependence on jobs, pensions, social security, and savings programs like IRAs and 401(k)s.

We are unique in providing individual, customized mentoring, through “The Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor”.