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Anyone who wants to talk... opens up...needs advise or suggestions. I felt in today’s busy life we might be doing everything but one most important thing that we don’t do which we should actually do is Talk...let your heart vent out...let your heart have a breakthrough Nd lighten up...

I understand it’s difficult to open up to anyone...hence no pressure no haste...take your time to be a part of this group and find your safe zone before you open up. Many meetings might just end in tea and snacks or just a get-together chit chatting, but we want to give full freedom to each one to feel safe before they share their heart out.

We’ll also have specific age group meet-ups and gender-based meet-ups too to facilitate and smoothen this, do mention if that makes you more comfortable so we can include you in those meetings.

I felt the need of this meet-up group since in today’s era we do every chore as a routine but we fail to express...we fail to give time to emotions...we fail to give time to ourselves...rather we fail to prioritise our mental health.

Here is a chance for everyone no matter what your age is to come forward to make friends and to come to talk. Here is an invitation to TALK.

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