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HeartZen is a collective of heart-based trainers, health care providers, scientists and spiritual seekers. Our mission is to explore, integrate, and bridge, the gap between SCIENCE and SPIRIT. Our individual life paths drew us together to share what we've learned, ask questions and learn from others willing to explore higher consciousness expansion and growth. To find a place of peace, or ZEN, within our own HEARTs.

Several of our core HeartZen founders are HeartMath® Certified Trainers and Certified Coach/Mentors so let's get to the "HEART" of the matter --- have you ever heard these metaphors? "Live from the heart", "I know it by heart", "Put your heart into it", "Listen to your heart"...or "My heart just isn't in it", "My heart is broken"... But wait! Isn't the heart just a physical pump? Many cultures offer additional definitions of the heart as the essence or "CORE" of who we are. In Latin, heart is translated as "COR", in Spanish, it's "CORazón" --- in Japanese, the word “koKORo” describes the "mind of the heart". Yes, the heart does have brain cells and offers heart "intelligence" to those who are open to perceiving its messages.

HeartZen offers classes and workshops to support each other on a path of heart
re-connection, empowerment, healing. Our intention is to serve as a heart-centered catalyst to uplift and enhance self-care, self-compassion and self-love...and to support others in doing the same. Sometimes we can't choose WHAT happens in life, but we CAN choose HOW we respond to it.

Examples of our classes:

• Research-based HeartMath techniques to build resilience and enhance your vitality,
• Stress Management techniques,
• Essential oils to support your emotional immunity (and much more),
• Reiki and other research-supported energy modalities,
• Alignment with our heart and the heart of our planet,
• Detoxify your Life and your Home,
• Tuning in to higher realms for guidance and divine wisdom.

To learn more about our core HeartZen founders, visit http://www.heartzen.org . Here you'll find our individual websites and contact info. Let's support each other in learning to live a more conscious, heart-centered life filled with more grace, ease, peace and ZEN. Meet up with us and share your wisdom.

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