What we're about

What if there was a better way to find the right product/service idea for your startup? Something people really need and will pay money to use. Well... There is. And it is 100% effective.

I have seen so many startups that fall in love with their technology and go through the time and expense of developing a product/service only to discover not enough people need it or will to pay for it. This is not the founders fault. They just missed an essential first few steps in the product/service design.

It's a step-by-step process. Why don't more people use this proven method?

Leave your business ideas at home and just bring yourself or your team. This is how truly great startup ideas can be developed. Ones that could become part of the next heard of Unicorns...

This can change based on what the group members want but basically here are the initial criteria for the meetup group:

Time frame: We will meet once a month for two hours on a weeknight starting at 6:30PM.

Venue: The location is to be determined but some where in Central Sofia.

Cost: There is no cost for participating in the group except cost of food and drink if desired.

Language: English

Facilitator: Victor Schiller (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vhschiller/) but with heavy group participation. I am there as a Catalyst only to get things going.

What you should expect: (1) A new perspective. (2) A push for real innovative ideas. (3) A focus on identifying end user pain and passion points. (4) A rational approach to finding paying markets for potential innovations. (5) No fear approach to innovation. (6) What more do people want?

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