Sofia Startup Design Thinking Meetup Group - Second Meetup - What If?


ul. "Professor Boyan Kamenov" · Sofia

How to find us

There is parking or it is a short walk from the G.M.Dimitrov Metro Station.

Location image of event venue


In our first meeting each attendee identified a potential Area Of Interest (AOI) for deeper research. They may all develop into possible "Next Big Things". For the full list see:

Before this second meetup each person along with their research team (even if it is just one person) will interview potential target users to better understand their needs, desires, experiences and pain/passion points. From this research each participant will create a list of potential criteria for a "solution". A long list...

With this set of criteria we will use the second session (What If?) to brainstorm some possible solutions that fit exactly what users want.

Basically this session will be about brainstorming. We will use some idea generation tricks, techniques, and strategies you probably have not seen before.

Even if you are not part of one of the research teams you could join in on the brainstorming. It could fun!

NOTE: Session three (the final meetup session) is planned for the same time/same place on November 14.

Additional Details::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Please RSVP so we know how many people will attend.

Cost: There is no cost for participating in the group except cost of food and drink if desired. There will be coffee, soft drinks, homemade lemonade, beer and wine; salads, sandwiches, desserts, nuts, etc... available.

Language: English

Facilitator: Victor Schiller ( but with heavy group participation. I am there as a Catalyst only to get things going.

What you should expect: (1) A new perspective. (2) A push for real innovative ideas. (3) A focus on identifying end user pain and passion points. (4) A rational approach to finding paying markets for potential innovations. (5) No fear approach to innovation. (6) What more do people want?