What we're about

ONE WORLD is quickly becoming the platform for foreigners living in Japan.

Our mission is to create places where everyone can be aware of differences, respect them and take advantage of them.

ONE WORLD, an International exchange organization established in 2016, is an organization of university students that host big international events.

Nowadays not everyone has an open mind toward different opinions or backgrounds from others despite the fact that globalization is expanding in various aspects. We believe that "True
Globalization" will expand by regarding differences as personal.

In addition to hosting international events, we advise exchange students about living or working in Japan.
We not only bring exchange students joy and opportunities to meet new people, but also work to help solve their problems to help make a social contribution to society.

国際交流学生団体ONE WORLDは、学生のみで大規模な国際交流イベントを企画・運営する団体で、2016年に大阪で発足いたしました。
ONE WORLDでは「違いに気づき、違いを尊重し、違いを生かしあう集団である」という理念を掲げています。今この世の中では多様化やグローバル化が叫ばれているにも関わらず、人と違う意見や背景に対してオープンではありません。私たちは、人との違いを個性と捉え、その個性が集まり輝くことで、より良い世界になると信じています。

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