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Financially Benefit From Real Estate and Artificial Intelligence Companies
Our keynote speaker Jesse Farb, an international investor with over a decade of experience, will share: - What it takes to achieve financial freedom - Why every investor needs to know the Rule of 72 and Rule of 40 - 3 investment policies that will protect your investment from market and other risks - How we acquire projects at below market value with built-in returns - Why steady returns outperform volatile markets - The advantages of the syndicated approach compared to “do-it- yourself” approach Bonuses: 1) An opportunity to become an Arcadia Syndicate member with access to exclusive real estate transactions that you can profit from 2) Meeting our keynote speaker and expert team: Jesse Farb: Taimour Zaman: Jim Persad : Dennis Sintic: Anitra Persad: Warning: THIS SEMINAR MAY CHANGE THE WAY YOU INVEST IN REAL ESTATE FOREVER. To sign up, please register at


5110 Creekbank Rd. · Mississauga, ON