What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in creating incredible user experiences with React, a declarative, modern, javascript library for creating user interfaces.

Meetups are interactive, collaborative, engaging, and fun.

There are several types of meetups

1. A small, 10-20 member gathering where a member or guest of the group will share something they have learned, a problem they have solved, or an experience they have had while working with React. Great place to gain experience speaking in front of developers of all levels. This will occur every 4-6 weeks and usually be on a Saturday. The reason for the weekend day is so people who can't make weekday meetups are able to participate in the community.

2. An online, Ask Me Anything (AMA) style meetup. Bring your questions and your code. A member of the group will give their thoughts in a screen casted meetup

3. Positive Code Review - Code review can be helpful, even fun! The focus here is to demonstrate and practice thoughtful, objective code review, where the tone is positive and encouraging. We focus on what code does, not what it looks like. Prettier and Eslint rules are setup to eliminate nitpicking. Developers submitting pull requests should identify patterns in code that may concern other developers and be able to articulate the reason for their choice before asking others to review.

Upcoming events (2)

Face to Face Online Study / Sharing Group

Virtual Studio Code

I would like to experiment with a semi monthly online pair programming/sharing/learning screencast/live coding session. The purpose of this meetup will be to - Share projects with the group - Ask for help/feedback - Share best practices - Pair mentees/mentors - Group support and accountability around growth and personal projects - Have fun If this goes well it may become a regular thing.

Next Meetup

Common Desk - West Plano

Currently open.

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Thinking In React (How to be 1337)

Common Desk - West Plano

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