What we're about

This group was born out of COVID-related ennui as a forum for stir-crazy cinephiles to discover and discuss some of the great films from the Criterion collection. Our meetings tend to go deep, and we often venture into film-adjacent territories of politics, psychology, art history and philosophy. However, no academic training is required or expected - just a spirit of curiosity and a willingness to go wherever the discussion leads.

How it works:

This is not a viewing-party group. You screen the film(s) on your own time, and then we meet on Zoom to discuss them.

All the films will be available on the Criterion Channel streaming service. Obviously, you do not have to subscribe to the Criterion Channel if you are willing to track down and view the films elsewhere.

It is recommended that you see the films twice, if at all possible - once "naively" and a second time more analytically. In other words, watch it the first time; "read" it the second time. You'll find yourself seeing a lot more on the second viewing, and, hey, it's COVID times...what else have you got to do?

Past events (30)

Peter Weir's "The Last Wave" (Australia, 1977)

Online event

Liu Jiayin's "Oxhide" (China, 2005)

Online event

Ritwik Ghatak's "The Cloud-Capped Star" (India, 1960)

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