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Live in the present moment in charge of your life. Did you know that what we do today is only 5% conscious and 95% unconscious. So then who is behind the steering wheel?

YOU ARE. Even if your choice is to go along with the program, it's still your choice.

Our subconscious programs are good and some are not so good. Most people are overwhelmed, overworked, and avoid the deep emptiness within, by doing stuff, such as shopping, eating, endless projects, with the excuse of being too busy for friends.


Just STOP. That's right, stop right now. Stop the mind from thinking yet again. Just stop and be quiet. Yes it's there... in the stillness, that small stir of your True Self.

RECOGNIZE it, and let it be there with you always. Face your triggers, take down your walls, and vanquish your self-defense mechanisms (SDMs). Then your True Self will explode, like fireworks! This is what confidence feels like, being connected and true to ourselves.

Finally, we have found it. The ability to go out and have fun with others, experiencing the unusual and the best life has to offer us. We deserve it. Full of love and acceptance.

Discover Toronto, discover yourself.

Why Gentle and Quiet? First to be conscious, we need to spend time in the quiet. Therefore this group is looking for people who are sensitive, favour introversion, those who are shy(?) or are energized by spending time alone. Secondly, if we tend towards gentleness, we are open to live consciously, rather than walled up by anger and defensiveness.

Having said that, we often find ourselves alone too much. We need to get out and move.

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