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Seattle Electromagnetic Sensitivity EMF EHS Meetup - Thursday, Dec 20
Hello! This is our first Seattle EMF meetup. (I've also set up a second meeting on Saturday, Dec 22, which is probably the last meeting whilst I'm in town) Our meetup will be located at the reserved meeting room of the Columbia Branch (Seattle Public Library) beginning 6:30pm for 1 hour. There is free public parking at the library. I recently attended an EMF conference with doctors, university professors, biophysicists and bioengineers, lecturing on the effects of EMF on human physiology and our environment. I'll provide a summary regarding the findings. If you need support from a doctor, there is a helpful letter from Dr. Andrew Tressider, which you can give to your PCP to educate him/her. You can access the resource links through the "MEMBER" tab, then select "MORE", then "PAGES". I'll bring my radiation meters for those who may be interested in measuring radiation as well as shielding fabrics and other assorted accoutrements. Feel free to bring any helpful devices/materials to share with others. Some important notes: I request all attendees to turn off/airplane mode their cell phones during our 1 hour meeting. Also, please kindly refrain from wearing fragrances due to members with chemical sensitivities. I'm usually based in London, but may host meetings in Seattle from time to time. Please sign up to my other Meetup group "Electromagnetic Sensitivity EMF EHS" group in London to keep in touch after I hibernate this Seattle group after my Seattle winter visit. I hope to share a treasure trove of knowledge accumulated over the years relating to EMF sensitivity and hope good conversation and shared stories help us find solutions for our condition. I look forward to meeting you! -Alayne

Seattle Public Library - Columbia Branch

4721 Rainier Avenue South · Seattle, WA

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Based in Seattle and London, we work together to share electromagnetic frequency (EMF) research, current news and solutions to relating to electrical hypersensitivity (EHS). I started this group, on a voluntary basis, to meet other EHS people and to share knowledge/ideas relating to this modern health condition. I've also created resources for members to survive in an EMF dense cityscape. Please join our group to learn more about this sensitivity.

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