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“A platform owned, designed and conducted by and for the React community in London”
- Any suggestions you might have for content, discussions, venues, speakers then let us know

Partnering with the best react professionals in London to hear the best content related to React Programming.

This Meetup group is for all tech enthusiasts that have a keen interest in everything React.js, the JavaScript library created by Facebook that has taken over the Front-End Development market. Each event we host we will look to bring everyone from React veterans to guys/girls that want to take their first step into React Development. This is a friendly environment where developers can come and learn more about React, share experiences and make more like-minded friends along the way.

We will be hosting these events all over London and hosting the events at the industries most renowned companies, with interesting talks on everything React! Plus the meetup essentials - Plenty of Beer and Pizza!!

Do you have a hot topic based around React? Well, we're looking for speakers, don't hesitate to get in contact about speaking at the event.

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Time to React - September 2020 - Live Stream

Online event

Back again for some great ReactJS content on YouTube! This month's event features another combination of experienced Time to React guest speakers and first timers!! Arti Mathanda from Simply Business spoke at our event in May on React Hooks - and she's back again for more. This time her topic is "Getting started with Storybook". Our second speaker for this months event is a first - Florin is a student of React and will be coming to give us a talk on some of the newest features that he's been learning about with our friends at Kodiri - specifically "React Portals". The event as always will be streamed on YouTube starting at 6pm and as the event is live you will be given the opportunity to engage with the speakers and ask questions at the end of each topic. Looking forward to seeing you all then!

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Time to React - August 2020 - Live Stream

Online event

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