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Tuneless Choirs are for people who LOVE to sing but just can't do it in tune. Only a small percentage of people are officially tone deaf, but many don't hit the right notes, they may lack confidence or be out of practice. It's this 'not quite right' that's know as being 'tuneless'.

The Tuneless concept originated in Nottingham by Nadine Cooper who has a singing scar some of you might relate to: "When I was 11, our music teacher laid his hand on my arm and asked me to stop singing. He told me I was spoiling it for everyone else. Ever since then I've tried to avoid singing in public. But I feel I've missed out on a great deal of pleasure."

Tuneless Choir Maidenhead meets on Wednesday evenings from 8-9.15pm. First timers pay £10 including registration and lyric book. It's then the equivalent of £5 per week for a term or £7 'pay as you go'.

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