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What we’re about

The Psychedelic Healing Collaborative aims to hold space and create a supportive community for individuals interested in psychedelics. We are open to discussions surrounding psychedelics including, but not limited to, healing modalities, research, responsible and legal use, personal and spiritual growth.  Everyone is welcome to the group.

Meetings are primarily via Zoom with occasional in-person events.

We are not a place to source illegal substances or underground guides. Meetings are facilitated by volunteers. Information shared during peer group meetings should not be deemed as professional advice.

DISCLAIMER:By joining this Meetup group, you agree to and legally bound to the following: We are not a place to seek, encourage, or participate in the procurement of controlled substances or illegal activities of any sorts. Do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or swap information on how to buy them at our events or using our group. Do not come to events to ask our members where or how to find any illegal substances. Do not come to our events under the influence of any substance. If we have a reasonable cause to believe that you are under the influence at any of our events, you will be asked to leave and will be banned from our group. Anyone who violates these basic principles and engages in any sort of illegal activities will be removed from the group and will not be allowed to attend future events.

Please note that while some of the organizers have a training in mental health, and various different fields, we are not organizing this group or participating in any parts of it in any professional capacity, but as peers and lay people. We do not participate or organize it in association with any of our professional trainings or under any of our professional licenses. It’s an informal discussion peer group that we are facilitating as lay persons. The information and resources shared during group are for informational purposes only and are not intended to assess, diagnose, or treat any medical and/or mental health disease or condition. Participation in this group does not imply nor establish any type of therapist-client or other professional relationship in any manner. Furthermore, the information obtained from this group should not be considered a substitute for a thorough medical and/or mental health evaluation by an appropriately credentialed and licensed professional.

Please note that we can not personally monitor or take responsibility for what is shared during meetings by members and organizers and how any of the contents may or may not affect members. We do not encourage anyone to follow anything shared during these meetings and strongly encourage all members to do their own research and draw their own informed conclusions with regards to any subjects or opinions shared during meetings and as part of this group. By joining this group, you agree that you take full emotional, physical  and legal responsibility for your own actions, and for any ways the contents of this group or other members may affect you negatively during your engagement and participation with this group and every aspect of it, and none of the organizers can be held liable for any adverse events, circumstances, content or outcomes associated with this group and it’s members. By joining you acknowledging that organizers are fully removed from any legal liability with regards to any negative consequences related to this group.

You also acknowledge that we are not equipped and neither is it within our scope to deal with and handle any medical or psychological emergencies - seeking appropriate care is fully your responsibility and by joining this group you agree to release organizers from any obligations or liabilities with regards to this. Furthermore, by joining this group , you agree that any legal matter you may consider bringing against this group or it’s organizers for any reason must be handled by mediation and related expenses fully paid by the plaintiff.

If you are in a crisis, please go to your established care team and/or go to the nearest urgent care or emergency room and/or call 911. For some additional resources, please see links below: