What we're about

This group's purpose is to join together like-minded young professionals that are interested in becoming friends, helping and supporting each other to grow, & doing fun activities together

Join this group if you are:
-committed to personal growth and development
-wishing to step out of your comfort zone
-interested in helping build a group of friends that support each other to grow and achieve

These events will involve an activity/theme and also be geared towards meeting others and discussing future goals and aspirations.

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Goal-Setting Workshop

Grandview Heights Public Library

Hey everyone!

These goal-setting events get to the heart of why I create this group Elevate.
Getting like-minded people together that are interested in one another, and helping and supporting each other to grow.

What better way to do this than to create and share your goals with one another!

No matter what you’re striving for in life, I’d love for this group to help support you.

Bring a pen and paper to this event. The idea of it is to have a small sharing circle where all attendees can design goals for themselves and share them, as we all work to create a plan to achieve them!

One thing that this meeting will ask of you: Allow yourself to be open to sharing what’s on your mind and in your heart. Your goals and dreams may be totally different from mine or another’s, and that is perfectly fine! At the very least, I’d like to create a space to share that with others and you may just find others here to support you.

If you’ve never worked on goal-setting before, here is a helpful acronym to explore and develop different areas in your life: CRIPES

You can use this as a starting point to think about what you’d really love to achieve in these different areas of your life.

C - Career -- what are your career goals? Do you have a mission or purpose?
R- Relationships -- Romantic/friendships/etc. How are your relationships doing? What do you want from your relationships?
I - Intellectual -- Personal development goals. New habits to create. Better attitude. Different mindset etc.
P - Physical -- What are your health and fitness goals?
E - Extracurricular -- Fun/Leisure. Do you want to learn a certain skill? Do you have big travel plans?
S - Spiritual -- Whatever spirituality means to you, do you invest time in it?How do you connect with yourself? How do you connect to the rest of the world?

In this meeting we'll follow up on the 2022 goals we've set for ourselves from the prior workshops, and discuss what's been working so far and what's been getting in the way.

I capped the group size to preserve the intimacy of the event so that everyone has a chance to work together & talk amongst the group.

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Goal-Setting Workshop

Grandview Heights Public Library

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