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Are you a mom and a business owner?

I'm starting a regular gathering of moms who own their own business. I am a mom of 3, and a business owner...not always the easiest mix but I love it! While we build our families and businesses, let's build one another. We are dedicated moms who strive every day to raise our children well, and we are dedicated business owners who strive every day to do what we love while making an impact.

These two spheres have an overlap that is not always easy to navigate. We are a special niche, and not many understand the space we are in and love. “Elevating Moms in Business” is a community of moms in business who meet to connect and grow in these two important areas of life, with others who get it.

I've booked a meeting space to get this started - there is a cap on room capacity, so sign up today and feel free to share this link. Info is here - https://elevate122.com/elevating-moms/

Looking forward to meeting you and building one another!

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Elevating Moms in Business

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Elevating Moms in Business

Platform 24

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