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Think and Grow Wealth Real Estate Investors
Come join us on Thursday evening at our offices for an exciting event where we will be discussing Financial Strategies & Real Estate Investing. This is a Great opportunity to Think to Grow Wealth and Make Money NOW while becoming part of our "Team" of Successful Local Real Estate Investors. Each meeting we will discuss different Real Estate and Financial topics... 1. Getting started in Real Estate Investing, Tax & Legal, IRA and 401K Retirement Investing, Wholesaling, Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Hard Money & Private Money Lending, and so much more. Learn how you can create Cash Flow and be Debt Free! 2. Tax reduction by utilizing Debt and Mortgage Acceleration strategies: How to analyze your debt and how to pay off your home and other debt in 1/3 the time with the same income and no change in Lifestyle. You will say “I wish I had learned this a long time ago”! • What we'll do each meeting - Investors, wholesalers, rehabber's, realtors, contractors, lenders, etc. will connect with other investors and lenders and expand their resources. - Team members and students benefit from the experiences of established investors in our breakout sessions. - Top real estate investors and business owners making 7-digit incomes will be speaking and share their successes. - Emphasis is put on financial literacy, wealth creation and creating cash flows. - Your host and organizers are highly successful investors who have done hundreds of numerous wholesale, fix-n-flip, and buy-n-hold transactions - Be prepared to introduce yourself, your business and a short statement on what you do as you network within the group. • What to bring - Bring your notepads - Bring an Open Mind - Business Casual Dress - Bring business cards. Please Note: This event is published on multiple Meetups and other social networks, so we are looking forward to having a packed house. Our normal attendance is 50+ people. Bring family members and friends along with you especially if they are looking for financial freedom. Please arrive early for Registration and Networking. Address and further information is given at checkout.

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As a real estate broker, I have been involved in real estate for 20+ years. I ran a very successful mortgage and real estate business that went away beginning in 2008 during the great recession. I didn’t give up even though the economy went backwards.

I have worked with many investors and purchased several properties over the years. In 2013 I decided to change my focus from being an agent and get serious in becoming an investor. I realized that the best way to be successful is to network and grow a team of people to work with.

I have attended many networking groups, guru meetings, meetups, etc. to meet other investors but realized very quickly that many of the people running it and involved in many of these groups were not actually doing deals or were not local. Over the last 12 months I have been involved in several successful transactions that all made money while not using any of my own money.

I recently appeared for the 3rd time on the radio - KSAC Money 105.5 FM - reviewing what it takes to be an investor as well as explaining Velocity Banking which is allowing people to increase their monthly cash flow by paying off their debt (including their mortgage) much quicker and saving thousands of dollars in interest without changing their lifestyle. Click the link to watch the video of the broadcast:

This group is designed for new and experienced local and active real estate investors in and around the area as well as Nationwide who want to make it happen. Enjoy a real estate investor networking group focused on sharing knowledge and experience with others, connecting you with the local people & resources you need to be successful, and create masterminds for everyone to grow and build financial wealth to take your life to the next level. Some of the topics to be covered:
+ Sales & Business Development Skills
+ Velocity Banking - Accelerated Cash Flow Strategies to become Debt Free in 1/3 of the Time
+ Self-Development - Mindset Change
+ Marketing Skills – Find a Team and Properties
+ Leveraging Money, Time, People, and Resources
+ Finding Money - Private, Hard, IRA’s
+ Real Estate Strategies - Wholesaling, Buy and Hold, Fix and Flip, Lending Money

If you are looking for a new financial roadmap and work with an experienced mentor and team… then I invite you to join, attend, and make a difference!

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