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Small business - is the big business of the world and it represents 80% of all employers. Small businesses produce 55 percent of innovations, twice as many per employee as large businesses.

History sets a very good example that all the big things which exist in the world today had small beginnings. We all have to start at some point of time, from somewhere, with limited resources and knowledge or experience, having no support to live our dream someday.

The industry experts claim that most of the businesses fail within five years of start-ups which is true but in fact no expert guarantee the success of the business when it is at start-up phase. The businesses can be saved if it is well planned, properly executed and timely monitored under the predefined norms and these norms again have to be updated periodically.

All of us live under the impression that if "I" know the core of work then I will be successful which is completely false. An entrepreneur must have deep knowledge on "How to start a successful business" and "How to run it profitability" which has a series of step by step algorithm.

Using this platform we will try to share as much as possible all relevant information which is required for the start-ups.

If anyone is interested to speak one on one then please feel free to message us.

We have also designed three months dedicated very intense course for Business start-ups and thousands of people have benefitted with it around the Globe. You can enroll for these classes as well. Our teachers are experts from India and USA. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you want to know about this course in more detail.

We wish you all the very best!

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