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This is a group for those who want to cultivate their energy, feel the flow of life, and tap into the powers of manifestation. Qi Gong (Chee-gong) is great for first timers who have never experienced physical manifestations of Qi (life force energy), seasoned practitioners, and healers who would like more grounding. Learn how to mindfully distribute and store purified Qi by way of energy channels and centers throughout the body. Each class will end with seated meditation, or sound healing, and discussion.

Looking for other healing workshops and events? I also host Sound Healing meditations, Qi Gong and Yoga workshops, Acupunture with Sound Healing, as well as Women's Circles. Let's build this community of healing together!

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Virtual Night Cap Sound Meditations with Reiki

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A beautiful way to wind down from the day, in the comforts of your own home. Lull into sleep with Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, and chimes. Reiki is healing life force energy that promotes deep relaxation and stress release. Sweet dreams! $10 Register here: https://venusvirtualofferings.as.me/ These have been translating well online! You will be emailed a link for the event, close to the appointment time.

Virtual Qi Gong Class with Meditation

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Qi Gong for Seasonal and Immune Health. Flow with the seasons as we heal our emotions through the organ systems of the body: Fall: Grief/Lungs Winter: Fear/Kidneys Spring: Anger/Liver Summer: Excessive Desire/Heart Late Summer: Anxiety/Spleen Cost: $15 through PayPal or Credit/Debit Packages available to save $10-$30 To sign up please click on the link: https://venusvirtualofferings.as.me/

Bowls and Acupuncture Healing Clinic Every 2nd Sunday

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago


Join me and Acupuncturist Carrie Sesterhenn for another incredibly relaxing and clearing treatment. As you are in receiving mode, your body heals itself. The insertion and stimulation of needles increases blood flow to promote healing, releases endorphins, decreases the sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight response), activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response), and relaxes overly tight musculature. Quartz crystal has the ability to interact and align with the body’s very own crystalline properties. From the bones, connective tissue, blood, and DNA, these intricate structures are crystalline in nature, receiving and transmitting electrical currents throughout the body. Limited to 10 people. $55 Members $60 Pre-Register $65 Day Of Register at: https://www.satnamyogachicago.com/workshop-schedule


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Explore your energy through an ancient practice that has stood the test of time. Qi Gong is an energizing yet calming practice that allows you to feel grounded and in tune to your body. Learn how to open your energy channels, strengthen your internal organs, and flow with the internal/external seasonal cycles. Once you understand you are a part of nature and not separate from it, you will cultivate the power of your Qi. All donations will benefit the Black Lives Matter Movement, and community bond funds nationwide. REGISTER AT: https://venusvirtualofferings.as.me/

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Virtual Qi Gong Class with Meditation

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