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Hello Gorgeous !

Welcome to this community of extraordinary women. I am thrilled you landed here. It means you are ready to make yourself a priority. Your work ethics and professionalism are impeccable. You wouldn't hesitate to cancel your plans to work late to meet on a project to meet the deadline. Yes, it may have gotten you a promotion, but that bloating, sluggishness and constant will only slow you down in the future.

I know you tried yo get back on your feet a number of times but work got in the way. Don't worry, we all get caught up in life. You are here now and I will offer you my full support. Have you ever heard of the gut-brain connection ? You might not know this but we have a second brain hidden in our gut so any gut bacteria imbalances may affect the way we think, our productivity, our energy levels, our sleep, our weight etc. See where I am going with this ? I invite you to book a free 'effortless energy session (https://www.amanikaite.com/) to discuss it further.

I will be running regular workshops to share tips to live a healthier life. I am excited to invite you to round tables to learn about your experiences with stress, adrenal fatigue and digestive issues, which may be slowing you down in your career.

I am looking forward to meeting you all. Together we can move mountains !


Your devoted Nutritionist


email : coachamanikaite@gmail.com

Instagram : @amani_s_world

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