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Anyone with a passion for food and meeting new friends. We are a group that goes around and try different cuisines, share stories, and have some fun.

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FriendsGiving & Anniversary Potluck

Bear Creek & Yale in Lakewood

Let's get together to celebrate for our FriendsGiving in November. Celebrate our friendship. We are blessed & grateful that we know each others. Let's also celebrate Food and Friends group 1 year anniversary. Time is flying by so quickly that this group is 1 year old now. I am very fortunate & blessed to know each of you. Without you all, I would not be this adventuress of foods. I am very valuable our relationship and really enjoyed every events/moments with each of you in the past year. We are blessed that Kelly offers her place for this event. Due to the privacy, we will contact you for the actual address 2-3 days before the event. The location will be near Bear Creek & Yale in Lakewood. Please post in the discussion what dish(es)/drinks/desserts/appetizers that you will bring for this FriendsGiving event. ***I will provided plates/silverware/napkins/water*** Don't forget to bring any Ziploc or Tupperware if want to take any left over foods. Also, bring some chairs if you have any (otherwise we will be seat on the floor) Please help us keep Kelly's place nice & clean after the party if you can. Happy FriendsGiving!!! Loved you all!!😍😍🥰🥰❤❤❤🥳🥳🥳

Bowling Night on Thanksgiving

Bolero Westminster

Let's go bowling on Thanksgiving. Why not?? Bowlero is open on the holiday from 2pm to 10pm. Agi & I will be bowl here, so come joining us if you don't have anything going on during the holiday. The cost is -- $7.39/game & $5.19 for shoe rental.

Snowshoeing at Eldora Resort

Panera Bread

I would like to make a visit to Eldora Mountain Resort [ https://www.eldora.com/ ] to go snowshoeing for the first time and would like to invite my fellow Food & Friends members to join me! If you want to try snowshoeing for the first time too or wish to participate even though you have already done it before (might be inappropriate if you think going with beginners would be boring), then RSVP yes for a day of fun on the snow. Snowshoeing seems to be a low-risk activity, but nonetheless, it is up to you to determine whether you are healthy and fit enough to participate. You would be at elevation of at least 9,200 feet and might feel altitude sickness to some degree. Also, there could be low temperatures and other weather conditions to tolerate including but not limited to wind, falling snow, and low visibility. Since I have never snowshoed before, I cannot speak to how challenging it is to stay balanced while walking in snowshoes, so I cannot estimate the risk of falling. The good thing though is snow tends to be a forgiving surface to fall on as long as you are moving slowly and avoid landing awkwardly (I know this from skiing). Eldora Resort has snowshoe trails and snowshoes available for rent. However, feel free to bring your own snowshoes if you wish. It probably goes without saying, but you should come prepared for cold weather. Therefore, you ought to have a coat/jacket, gloves, and anything else to help keep you warm and comfortable in a snowy environment such as snow beanie hat, earmuffs, scarf, balaclava, neck gaiter, base layer garments, thick socks, and appropriate footwear. Other items you may find useful include sunglasses, snow goggles, sunscreen, chapstick, hydration pack, water bottles, hand or foot warmer pouches, and dry snack foods like beef jerky, trail mix, and granola bars. If last season's prices are maintained for this season, Eldora charges $27 for an adult ticket for snowshoe trail access. This excludes a $5 one-time fee for an RFID card that electronically contains ticket/pass. I was unable to find snowshoe rental prices on Eldora's website (as of October 17, 2019). Hopefully, I will be able to include that information as it gets closer to the date of this event. Let us rally in Superior at the Panera Bread in Superior Marketplace having the following address: 302 Center Dr Suite A, Superior, CO 80027. While at this Panera, we can determine ride sharing arrangements and then head to the resort. The main road to Eldora is best driven with an AWD or 4WD vehicle while snow may impact driving. If you prefer to go directly to Eldora Resort, please inform me and consider arriving by 10 a.m. Hopefully those in the group who arrive at Eldora from Superior's Panera Bread shall be able to catch up with you at the resort. Cellular service at Eldora could be weak or spotty due to the mountains, so be aware of that. If there is sufficient interest, we could have dinner afterward. Boulder is the first town once you exit the mountains, and there are numerous restaurants there. Alternatively, we could choose a restaurant in the vicinity of Superior or Louisville nearby the Panera Bread rendezvous point. Decision on dinner shall be deferred to the day of this event.

FriendsXmas Potluck

Palisade Park Apartments

Another Potluck??? Why not??? We all love foods 😍😊❤ Let's continue to party during the holidays season. In case you missed our FriendsGiving event, here is another one called FriendsXmas😉 We are fortunate to have our friend, Melissa, offer her apartment Club house. It located up North a bit for some of our friends, but don't let the distance stop our fun😍😊 This Club House is very beautiful. There is a pool table that we can play while we drinks & enjoy delicious foods. There also television section where we can watch movies/Karaoke. We can also play games or simply chatting to catch up our life 😉 Most of us love foods, so let's share our favorite dish(es) either you cook it or buy it. Surprise us!!!😊😍 However, we do need to have everything balance such as appetizers/Snacks/Main Course/Desserts. Please post your dish(es) in the Discussion box. Items to bring for the Potluck are: * Tupperware/Ziploc in case you like to take some extra foods home * Chairs * Games if any Please help us keep the place nice & clean before you leave. We greatly appreciate it!!! Wish everyone have a safe holidays with family & best wishes for the upcoming New Year's!!! Love you all!!! 🥰😘❤😍😊🙏🙏

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