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Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT

It is time we FUND Causes, Charities, Communities AND the Companies & Careers of those who serve, support and sponsor them!

$9 BILLION annually is donated to nonprofits through this "SECRET Real Estate NICHE", which has formerly been reserved for the 1%, but now available to ANY and ALL......

1.5M Nonprofits in the United States
1.5M Realtors in America
100+M Property owners in this country

Whether you want to avoide capital gains tax, earn a FULL commission Listing Legacy Listings or be the benefactor of the average donation $600,000!!

Join our ZOOMS and ROOMS to be a part of The REAL Agents of Change! The RAOC Revolution!!

Our events are focused on the "5 Keys to Leverage Real Estate for REAL Change"

Key 1 Learn.... Learn what charitable real estate is, why you've never heard of it before, how it is a WIN WIN WIN for ALL parties, how it funds nonprofits, pays realtors a full commission and gives tax advantages like avoiding capital gains tax.

Key 2 Lead Generate.... Now that you know WHAT it is, WHO do you talk to and WHAT do you say? Where do you find donors of real estate? How does a business attract 87% of their marketplace by being socially responsible and lots more!

Key 3 List and Liquidate.... These are "Legacy Listings", real estate listings like any other, only now they leave legacy for the donor, the nonprofit and the professionals that participate!

Key 4 Leverage..... "Position, Partner, Promote" TOGETHER! This is the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BOLDEST social responsibility campaign ever! HOW do you make money making a difference? How can ALL nonprofits in your community benefit?

Key 5 Leave Legacy.... Legacy is a buzz word that really means something with The REAL Agents of Change, The RAOC as we have become known.

Community RAOCSTARS are visionaries, do gooders, trail blazers and people who do well by doing good, we are REAL Agents of Change and we welcome you to The RAOC Revolution!

FREE download of the book "Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT"

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