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For one reason or another, you happened upon this page. Maybe it is because you have somehow been inspired recently to improve your life for the better and are ready to move towards reaching a higher good. The ISTS Team accepts people of all ethnicities, personalities, body-types, genders, and backgrounds, and welcomes them to come back to center together as a collective. The goal here is to provide a safe space where we can support each other and lift each other up, with the help of my guidance and knowledge as an IIN certified Health Coach. We'll go over the importance of all the different factors in Holistic Health and Healing, and members are only encouraged to come with an open mind and heart. No previous knowledge on the law of attraction or spiritual healing such as sound healing or reiki is necessary, but we welcome both seekers and healers themselves to this space. I hope you do join us as I'd like for this group to grow into something beautiful!

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