What we're about

More and more people are awakening to the fact that our society is broken. Instead of acting as though all is one, we are separated from each other and from our natural environment. Many of our relationships are lacking in authenticity. A sense of community has eroded from society.

I would like to work with others on a fun and collaborative project to help heal and fix society. I have had many ideas on how to do this. The one that I have put the most into is building community websites. I have started building a website for the Queer (LGBTQ+) Toronto community using Vue.js, SCSS, PostgreSQL, Node, Express, and Bootstrap. I have a background in programming, though I am not an expert in these technologies, but have been teaching myself them.

This group is for people who want to work together to learn and build a website and help the LGBTQ+ community of Toronto. The objective of this group is to help people overcome loneliness by building communities and authentic relationships. To do this, we would build community web portals, starting with Toronto LGBTQ+ population (“Queer Toronto”). If you are knowledgeable, or would like to learn, Vue.js, SCSS, PostgreSQL, Node, Express and Bootstrap, and are passionate about helping LBGTQ community, I would like to call for your help.

Queer Toronto will initially consist of a list of organizations, calendar of events, as well as Project Pink Book, a list of professionals and businesses who are LGBTQ+ allies. There are other websites that list some LGBTQ+ organizations and events, but none are comprehensive.

I realized this objective based on my personal experience going through mental health issues (anxiety and depression). The high prevalence of such illnesses in our society is due to our society being sick - and it is my - our - job to heal the society. I believe building community web portals is my first step in doing this, which will eventually become a social economy enterprise.

Please note that while I intend to turn this into a social economy enterprise, at present it is simply a personal project. The project is completely bootstrapped, worked part-time hours by a full-time 9-5er. Your ideas and help would be credited and appreciated.

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