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Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Have trouble finding people to share some “older” interests with? Does the past sometimes feel more interesting than what’s “trending” now? I could go on...but whatever the case, this group is for you.

For the old at heart, old souled, and old fashion. For those of us who appreciate or have a special connection to the past in spite of not having, had been born yet.

Meetups will include sharing our so called “out dated” interests with others who will know what we are talking about (lol).

Interests will include (But is not limited to...) things like socials, sharing music interests from any time frame between the beginnings of recorded music all the way to the 80s, black and white/vintage movie showings, lunchins, crafts, philosophical conversation, history appreciation, tea/coffee socials, dance lessons, themed outings such as finding a 50s diner to hang at or finding speakeasy-esk holes in the wall and more!

Also just because this is geared for us old souls doesn’t mean we cant or don’t appreciate what we have here in the present. We can also look forward to some more modern activities to spend time doing. If anyone has any ideas of things they would like to do feel free to mention it in the comments!

When sharing similar interests no matter what we do it’s the people that make the group not just the activities. Make sure you are respectful and welcoming as to promote a fun and exciting environment for everyone.

Also patience is appreciated. This is a new group and I’ll be testing out the waters a little here and there at first to see where the main interests lie and the direction the group should go. Feedback is always welcome but like mentioned above please be respectful in giving your suggestions when doing so.

My goal is to hopefully get this group running and provide a fun environment in which to make new friends and share our unique interests. I look forward to meeting all of you soon and thanks for joining!!

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