This is a past event

4 people went

Location image of event venue


I’m still gathering intel on things to plan so to speak, but as more people join I feel confident in posting something small to get things started/rolling.


What to expect:
Me and a friend of mine usually come from beginning to end but don’t feel pressured to stay the whole time haha. We usually come for the karaoke and sing some songs (obviously I’m the one singing the old songs haha). But also don’t feel pressured to sing.

This is also a social and an event mainly planned to get to know people and best case scenario make friends with our specific shared interests! So don’t let any amount of peer pressure (if any) keep you from having a good time in your own way!


Some background to the location:
This is something me an a friend of mine do nearly every week. It’s an old Irish style bar and our favorite place for karaoke because they have almost any and every song you could ever want to sing available. The DJ also knows me as the old soul out of the bunch and has even asked a couple times how I know the songs I have chosen (as I’m obviously to young to know them you know lol).

Lots of fun signs to read and trinkets to look at around the room. A good portion of the place is also wooded so it gives that real vibe of a real Irish pub out in the country even though it’s in the city lol.

If you would Like to know the specific history of the bar here is a link to their websites “about” page. Tells about the owners vision for the bar and his family roots/values.


Some ground rules:
If you are one who like to sing for fun (like me lol) it is appreciated if you tip the DJ. He is the best DJ I have encountered. He’s fun and even sings himself throughout the night. Sometimes he even offers up his own time and stays past 1 so if you stayed past 1 it’s def appreciated.

Also I’m not paying for us to meet here. It is a public establishment so out of respect for the business it is appreciated if you buy at least one thing.

This is also a judgement free zone. Whether you sing karaoke or not, it is expected that you be supportive and attentive to your peers around you as we all have different levels of comfort ability especially in groups/public places.

Also be courteous to those in the group in general, as far as RSVP-ing goes. If you rsvp and find out you can’t go please make sure to change your status as to not let other people who want to go miss out because they think there’s no room.


Important to know:
I have posted this same event for Wednesday as well (As karaoke is held on both Tuesday and Wednesday) just to see where more interest/availability lies.

Side note:
On the hand that both days have equal interest I will accommodate and just do both so no worries haha.

Also equally if not much interest is shown and this is something your still interested in, don’t let this scare you out of going. I go to this event nearly every week anyway with a friend of mine, so you can still expect at least one person from the group to be there haha.


Well that’s all I can think of for now haha. If you have any questions, clarifications, or inquires please don’t hesitate to post in the chat or message me personally.

Also I do have a body count limit as it is a smaller establishment but don’t be afraid to check in on the Group as people may change their rsvp or I may make a statement in the group around when the event starts that not many people showed up and it is okay to just come.

Thanks for the interest and hope to see you there!