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We organise regular classes and workshops to teach and to support whoever is seeking for personal development as well as spiritual growth. Our workshops are intimate, highly interactive, with an aim to establish deeper connections between each other.

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Living Beyond The Matrix

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Apply coupon code MEETUP to get a special price for meetup members. Book your tickets here: https://goo.gl/G4fBzE All our workshops have only limited seatings so that each and everyone can participate actively. *********************** How to build your own INNER foundation of independence – A workshop for entrepreneurs About the workshop: Are you an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a startup founder? Are you working on your dream project but somehow feeling insecure, powerless, or experiencing self-doubt on a daily basis? It is easy to feel strong and successful when we are secure in the “matrix”, but to thrive beyond requires a hell of a lot more. The world is your canvas now, what are you going to do with it? Are you equipped enough to go on with your “hero’s journey”? Paradoxically, the greater the darkness, the greater the potential light. Obstacles are our opportunities to transform, if only we know how. Many of the “heroes” in human history have transformed by finding their keys within – they have benefited from the tools of empowerment in metaphysics. In this workshop, we will explore what empowerment really means from an energetic point of view, and how to build our INNER foundations so that we KNOW that we do have the power to take control of our own destiny. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com – alternative education on spiritual intelligence.

Tea Ceremony and Sacred Women Circle

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RSVP on Meetup is NOT enough. Please reserve your seat online here: https://goo.gl/NVnUJ9 About the workshop: “The growing and dying of the Moon reminds us of our ignorance, which comes and goes. But when the Moon is Full, it is as if the eternal light of the Great Spirit were upon the whole world.” – Black Elk This month we will explore this theme through using the power of Ceremonial Tea together with the power of Vortex Healing, followed by the Medicine of Sharing. Women’s circles are a magical place for connection with ourselves, our sisters, our tribe. Something that most of us are missing and longing for in our hectic modern lives – deep sense of community, sisterhood, belonging and meaningful connection with likeminded women. Here we grow and heal together. Tea Ceremony deepens this connection and also our connection to Nature and Moon. Through the magical ritual of Tea Ceremony we are able to relax, go deeper into our bodies and connect to our own knowing and wisdom. Some of you know, some don’t, but I have been doing Vortex Energy Healing for a few years now, and after the Tea Ceremony I will be doing a group healing for those areas that this Full Moon will be highlighting. WHAT HAPPENS AT THIS MOONLIGHT TEA CEREMONY AND CIRCLE? Introductions (the moon cycle, the tea, ourselves) Opening Meditation (to get us in their bodies) Silent Tea Ceremony (to connect to ourselves and everyone in the group) Group Vortex Energy Healing Group Sharing (share your experiences, insights, longings) Closing Meditation I will be brewing a special heart opening Tea for the Tea Ceremony on the night. Tea is such a powerful medicine plant, but it’s so human and gentle, and it cares. Tea from ancient and wise tea trees has the ability to connect us to our hearts, take us on a very gentle journey and heal us. The seating is done on the floor. Comfortable clothing is recommended. After tea we will share some healthy snacks. About Lera Mimizu: I’m Lera and people call me the Tea Whisperer. I guide curious minds into the world of Tea. Through bespoke workshops/walking tours/tea ceremonies I help others learn about its magical world and feel the art of living slowly. I create space for others to find mindfulness, savour the moment and see the magic in the ordinary. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com | Change Starts From Within

How to Screw Up Your Relationships (a.k.a Ego in relationships)

Apply coupon code MEETUP to get a special price for meetup members. Book your tickets here: https://goo.gl/Fumyhv (a.k.a Finding Love – Ego in relationships) About the workshop: This is not a workshop for the faint-hearted. In this workshop, we will explore 7 tactics that you can use to screw up your relationships as badly as you possibly can. Buckle up and get ready for a journey into the dark lands, if you so desire. Are you looking for the secret (or, the antidote) of not having a long-lasting loving relationship? If so, this is the workshop for you. * Note that the workshop is suitable for everyone regardless of your marital status. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com – alternative education on spiritual intelligence.

Exploring Astrology - Ego Workshop (3)

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Apply coupon code MEETUP to get a special price for meetup members. Book your tickets here: https://goo.gl/7httx4 About the workshop: What is the secret behind astrology? It is the secret that each and every single one of us has a unique purpose in this world - something that we need to transform about ourselves. Each one of our souls comes to this world with that purpose. As a matter of fact, we were all born with special gifts and specific challenges particular to the astrological sign we were born under, and the purpose of our life is to rise above the influences of the cosmos and take control over our own lives. As part of the Ego series, this workshop explores more specifically the egoïc traits in relation to each and every zodiac sign. Ancient wisdom has used astrology as a tool to understand one's individual nature at its deepest level for centuries. If you’d like to discover more about yourself and how to transform your life, this is the workshop for you. ************************ © 2019 WeClustr.com – alternative education on spiritual intelligence.

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Chadao Tea Ceremony

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