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What we’re about

Welcome to WEvolve this group focuses on reaching one's path towards wholeness.  Feeling aligned with the mind, body and soul.  Removing filters, limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our goals, and feeling serenity and peace is one of the many steps we can take toward a stress-free future.  All while learning to embrace the present moment.

This is a safe space for all to rediscover their true nature by expanding the subconscious mind.

Evolving towards our authentic self, step by step with kindness and compassion.  Respecting each other's experiences and creating new habits.

The power of aligning mind, body and soul is a discovery and transformation towards pure joy.


The host is the founder of SOI Coaching in Montreal. Melanie is a professional certified coach using NLP, Bonhame, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and other approaches with clients. Guiding them towards their goals whether personally or professionally. With over 10 years of experience in the health, wellness and well-being field Melanie believes that everyone deserves to discover their true nature, to feel happy and in harmony with their mind, body and soul.