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How often have you re-played conversations or scenarios in your head, wishing you could have responded with the confidence and clarity that only became available to you after the fact? It can be difficult to access our authentic and powerful self when our minds are in anticipation or judgment mode. It also takes practice to ‘live in the moment,’ but once you can relax and feel comfortable in your skin here, the benefits are boundless. Authentic Relating Minneapolis facilitates opportunities to discover what becomes possible when authentic relating and presence is our playground...

At the Meetup Events, you will connect with people in rich and meaningful ways, feel understood and accepted for your true self.

This is a warm and open space with people of all backgrounds, who appreciate below surface-level small talk. Many folks come with the intention to feel a sense of community, make new friends, deepen their existing relationships and expand their communication skills.

Remember -- one introduction can change your life, forever.

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Mala making and Meditation Workshop

Holistic Gateway LLC / Academy for the Healing Arts

Learn the power of meditation and craft your own Sacred Mala necklace Nowadays, malas are popular among the yoga community and can be found on the wrists and necks of yogis. For centuries, Buddhists and Hindus have used mala beads for prayer and meditation. Once a mala is empowered it can be used for powerful healing of yourself and others. In this workshop you will: *Select your own genuine stone breads and learn its energetic quality. Did you know that physical contact with prayer beads transmits their inherent healing powers? *Learn how to string, knot, and tie your own Sacred mala with Intention and Love. *Learn the history and meaning behind the mala. *Learn to pray using your mala with Japa meditation and mantra. Join Us in this Sacred Experience of Creativity and Meditation To sign up follow the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mala-making-and-meditation-workshop-tickets-59302554537

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Authentic Relating Night

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