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This is a Meetup for Women (and those that identify as Women) who identify as Witches to receive support to embrace not ourselves as Witches, but all the facets of our lives we are called to transform.

I am both a Social Worker and a Life Coach. I am inspired to work one-on-one with heart-centered, women who identify as witches to rise up and actualize their dreams. The ways of the Witch have been pushed down for SO long - historically and up until this current day - and it shows in how women live their lives. The long-lasting effects Patriarchy is real ladies - still impacting our lives as women and as witches! Patriarchy is is not about encouraging us to create our lives on our terms...it is about controlling what we are allowed to create. NO MORE! It is time for us as witches and as women to claim OUR vision of how we want to create our lives and what serves us.

I started this group because I can not take watching powerful women who identify as Witches feeling squashed down any longer. Let's connect and empower ourselves.

I encounter women everyday that are POWERFUL beyond belief...even though they don't realize it yet. These women are often Witches...who are SO used to suppressing their power.

As a Life Coach - I am intentionally choosing to take on WOMEN clients that identify as Witches - like myself.

I fiercely believe in the potential of women - as a coach I hold that belief of an abundance of possibilities for my clients with adamant commitment. I am dedicated to helping Witches to live out their un-lived potential. I work alongside women to release what no longer serves them and to create and honor a life vision of their own making.

I do NOT personally live in the shadows of my potential - and I am excited to help you in bringing forth your magic and power.

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching please each out!

Also know this is not a group I started SOLEY to meet potential clients...Because my underlying goal is always to build community, empower women, and help my fellow witches in a plethora of ways.

This group is also about FREE events (some with have a cost attached) - Witch empowerment events and gatherings. This is a group that we can come together as soul sisters and claim our power. There are going to be a range of offerings in this group - coaching privately is just one!

SO excited to connected with fellow Witches to Rise Up and Claim our Power!

Much Love


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