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Life can be full of surprises. Unexpected things happen. Sometimes that’s great. Sometimes it’s really not.

For those who feel that things don’t feel right, that they aren’t where they ‘should’ be, or that they have run out of map and moved into uncharted territory, we’ve created Success by Design. It’s a place to come and work on exploring your options using tried and tested coaching techniques, to chip away at the ambiguity, clarify your vision for the future and get rid of whatever is blocking your progress and create the life you really want.

Success by Design events are for people who need inspiration with working out how to make changes in their own lives and careers.

Each session will be led by a career / life coach who will share their inspiring story and introduce their favourite tool for personal transformation and participants will have the opportunity to explore the technique.

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Success by Design: New Beginnings

A New Direction

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