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Hi crew,
My name is Bryan, & I'll be the event organizer for this going forward.
This is something that I was a part of w/ another group that was actually useful/helpful to some extent. Thought we'd try it here just to see how it goes. If nobody likes it, we can not have it.

Essentially, this is a support/stand-up chat group for those of us either currently int the throes of trying to develop a game, those interested in trying to start learning how to develop a game. or those that are just curious about what it takes to be a game developer here in Jax.

Attendance is OPTIONAL, but you're encouraged to come. Everybody has a different idea for their ideal game--don't be afraid to talk about it. It will
be just 45 minutes long, & officially end at around 9:30 PM(but if involved in a lively discussion, people are more than welcome to hang around). If you have to bug-out sooner, than don't feel bad. Life happens, & we're all aware of that.

1. Absolutely, under no circumstances will there be any ridicule of someone's game idea or lack of progress in developing their current one. We all have lives we're trying to live (wife/girlfriend/significant other-kids-work-etc). This is designed to be completely free of that, & provide a place for aspiring developers to come & find refuge from the onslaught of the things that are hindering you from developing your ideal game.

2. Initially, everyone will have about 5 minutes to talk about their game, what they're planning to accomplish by/before the next meeting (or, depending on the work-life schedule that many of us have to contend w/). Obviously, you're going to get some feedback as to whether or not you should adjust the scope of your goals for the following week, but again, it's totally up to you if you choose to take that advice.

3. Respect gets respect. Disrespect will be shown the exit in a rapid manner. if you like an idea--ask the originator about it. Stealing an idea from another person w/o asking is HIGHLY discouraged.....

4. If you want to work w/ someone, we encourage you to do so. Members are more than welcome to use the Discord private message feature to inquire other members about collaborations. If you need help with something that you're working on & struggling w/, please, don't be afraid to ask for help from the other members who might have experience/background in what you're struggling w/.

We have a private server on Discord already set up. If interested, we can send you guys the link to it. I invite you guys that are interested to please come. There's no harm in at least checking it out.