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What we’re about

Welcome! I'm so glad you're interested in becoming more empowered, stepping into your highest, most authentic self, all while building community!

My name's Margy and I'm a women's empowerment coach. I spent many years in really, really disempowering relationships, and also kept myself small in business because of limiting beliefs and a fear of being "seen".

Now, I help women recognize their worth, stop playing small and embody confidence by prioritizing their needs, finding their voice, overcoming fears and asserting compassion based boundaries, so they experience a more empowered, joyful, exuberant life.

This group is for all who identify as a woman, and no matter where you are on the path to empowerment, you're welcome and wanted here. If you feel ultra-empowered, great! There are women in this group who could benefit from what you have to offer.

So let's come together to lift ourselves and each other up; build community; cultivate connection with self and others; and live the BIG life of our dreams!

If you have any event ideas or specific areas you're struggling with please let me know--this group is for YOU, after all.

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Download the Free Empowerment Toolkit!--I created this to support you in putting your needs first, stepping into your power and setting boundaries

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