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The world needs to meet.

At our events we hope to know more about what's going on around the world, discuss life's big questions, and explore our diverse cultures - through language exchange, theater, literature, food, nature, and arts. Anything involving human connection and imagination. We are all students and teachers to one another!

This group started on Meetup in 2006. As its organizer - a writer formerly based in New York City - started to move around the world, it has been to over 24 countries. It re-starts in each new country it visits, as per Meetup's location setting policy. Grab the events when the club is in town!

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(Copenhagen) Free Chinese lesson (beginner): Top 5 must learn expressions!

(Copenhagen) Free Chinese lesson (beginner): Top 5 must learn expressions! From the basic greetings to "where's the toilet?" there're expressions we just may need as soon as we set foot on a Chinese-speaking land. Come join us and pick some up! This free conversation lesson is for Mandarin learners of beginner level. Come ready to talk! (This event is not intended for native speakers of Chinese nor as a language exchange event. Thanks! :D) ----------------------- ● Time: Fri., May 24, 6-7:30 pm ● Place: Democratic Coffee Krystalgade 15, 1172 Copenhagen Off the lobby in the Copenhagen Main Library. Look for a table with a paper Meetup sign. And Kat has SUPER colorful hair! 🐱 ----------------------- ▶ This lesson is conducted in English and Chinese (Mandarin). ▶ Kat is a Taiwanese American teacher. She has taught Mandarin Chinese at community colleges in the U.S., and ESL in China. ▶ This is one of Kat's World Culture Club events. Kat's events have been to over 24 countries. Grab one when it's in town! 😄 https://theworldcultureclub.weebly.com

(Copenhagen) Try K-Pop Dance! (beginners / self-learning)

(Copenhagen) Try K-Pop Dance! (beginners / self-learning) Love or want to dance K-pop but don't have a group or class to dance in? Here's a one-time meetup for anyone to try it out! We (two) are no pros, but will happily teach you the "point dance" from the song we have just learned ourselves: ★ BTS: "Boy With Luv" (Since this may be a one-off event, we've got to try the kings of K-Pop, and their latest too! 😉) Any age, gender or level of dance skills is welcome. The "point dance" (often for the chorus) is the best part of the choreography in a song, and it's short (less than a minute!) so anyone can do it. No need to prep! We'll also chat about K-Pop and Korean Wave, maybe even play a game or two. This meetup is conducted in English. ● Time: Sat., May. 25, 1-2:30 pm ● Place: Ørsteds Park I'm not in Copenhagen yet so not sure where in the park would be a good spot (suggestions welcome! :D) I'll post the exact location here soon. At the meet, look for Kat's colorful hair! 🍭 *Kat has spent a few months in Seoul, and hosted K-pop meetups in Helsinki and Taipei, so would like to try it in Copenhagen too. *Kat's meetups have been to over 24 countries. Grab one while it’s in town!

(Copenhagen) Open Minds: What's Happiness? (+ 2019 UN World Happiness Report)

(Copenhagen) Open Minds: What's Happiness? (+ 2019 UN World Happiness Report) In the fine tradition of "Socrates Cafe" and "Big Talk," our "Open Minds" holds a conversation at a friendly table, with people who are willing to share their thoughts as well as listen to different ideas. We may even throw in a game or two to make it more fun. -------------------- When the 2018 UN Happiness Report came out I was visiting Taiwan, ranked the happiest country in Asia; then I went to Finland - ranked the happiest on earth. I had the "happiness" discussion in both countries, and the locals almost unanimously denied they were happy! 😅 Now I'm in Denmark, famous for hygge and ranked No. 2 in the world in the 2019 report. There's no way I'd pass up the chance to find out what happiness can be found here, the Danish way. So just what makes us happy? What makes a country a happier place than another one? And on a personal level, what's our daily and life goals toward happiness, if indeed it's one of our pursuits? Let's talk! -------------------- ☛ We'll use the articles below as a starting point for our discussion. The views expressed are solely those of the respective authors: ● How to Be Happy (Freakonomics Radio, Ep. 345, 37 mins) http://freakonomics.com/podcast/happiness/ ● What to do when higgle no longer works? (BBC Travel) http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20190217-what-to-do-when-hygge-no-longer-works ● 'It's different for expats': Readers reveal whether Denmark really is a happy place to be (The Local, DK) https://www.thelocal.dk/20190328/is-denmark-really-a-happy-country-your-views-on-danish-happiness ● If you're curious about Taiwan: Taiwan (No. 25) bests its Asian neighbors: Singapore (No. 34), Thailand (No. 52), South Korea (No. 54), Japan (No. 58), Hong Kong (No. 76), and China (93), maintaining its top spot since 2015. ● 2019 World Happiness Report https://s3.amazonaws.com/happiness-report/2019/WHR19.pdf Ranking (Top 30): 1. Finland (7.769) 2. Denmark (7.600) 3. Norway (7.554) 4. Iceland (7.494) 5. Netherlands (7.488) 6. Switzerland (7.480) 7. Sweden (7.343) 8. New Zealand (7.307) 9. Canada (7.278) 10. Austria (7.246) 11. Australia (7.228) 12. Costa Rica (7.167) 13. Israel (7.139) 14. Luxembourg (7.090) 15. United Kingdom (7.054) 16. Ireland (7.021) 17. Germany (6.985) 18. Belgium (6.923) 19. United States (6.892) 20. Czech Republic (6.852) 21. United Arab Emirates (6.825) 22. Malta (6.726) 23. Mexico (6.595) 24. France (6.592) 25. Taiwan Province of China (6.446) 26. Chile (6.444) 27. Guatemala (6.436) 28. Saudi Arabia (6.375) 29. Qatar (6.374) 30. Spain (6.354) -------------------- ● Some quotes found online about happiness. What's our own take on happiness? ✦ "Happiness is a state of activity." ― Aristotle ✦ “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss ✦ “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson ✦ “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ― Mahatma Gandhi ----------------------- ● Time: Sun., May. 26, 10:00-12:00 am ● Place: South Harbour Café Hørdumsgade 1, 2450 København It received Politiken's iByen award for Copenhagen's best café in 2018. Let's have a happy coffee / brunch there! Look for a table with a paper Meetup sign. And Kat has SUPER colorful hair! 🐱 ▶ World Culture Club events are conducted in English. ▶ Kat is a traveling writer and teacher formerly based in New York. Her events have been to over 24 countries. Grab one when it's in town! 😄 For more information about the group (started on Meetup in 2006): https://theworldcultureclub.weebly.com

(Copenhagen) Write Together!

Democratic Coffee

(Copenhagen) Write Together! World Culture Club has come to Copenhagen! This is a Meetup group that moves with its organizer - a traveling writer. :) So it has to re-start in each new country it visits. Our first events will be a series of writing hours - but of course! Are you a writer or just love to write? Why write all alone? Let's write together for 2 solid, uninterrupted hours - on our own project, and be productive together. ✍️ Come also to meet new people, share your writing projects and experience, and play some writing games. We'll meet every morning on May 15~18, May 20 & 21, May 28~June 7. Join in on any day(s). Happy writing! ----------------------- ● Time: Tue., May. 28, 9:00-11:30 am ● Place: Copenhagen Main Library Krystalgade 15, 1172 København Sitting area in the lobby on the Copenhagen Main Library, by the Democratic Coffee (enter the library and look to your right). Look for a table with a paper Meetup sign. And Kat has SUPER colorful hair! 🐱 ▶ Kat has reviewed theater in New York. ▶ At World Culture Club events our conversation is conducted in English. ▶ Kat's events have been to over 24 countries. Grab one when it's in town! 😄 For our past events (we started on Meetup in 2006) please check out: https://theworldcultureclub.weebly.com

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