What we're about

Girlfriends On The Go is a group of 20's, 30's, and 40's women coming together to create new relationships and to nurture existing friendships. We'll gather for hiking, happy hours, intellectual discussions, brunch, dinners, etc. We'll meet for a full range of activities all- year-around!

*To follow best practice for health precautions, please do not come if you have a fever, any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

*Please only sign-up if you can definitely attend. Please keep an eye on the waitlist and move yourself off if your plans do change. Thanks for understanding.

If you are interested in becoming a co-organizer/host, please reach out. We would love to have some help and more events so that more can attend.

Ground rules:

  1. Have fun
  2. Be nice
  3. Try to meet someone new each event
  4. Offer to host 1 event and feel out if you want to do more
  5. Keep your RSVP's up to date

Things to know:
- Attendance - Day of cancellations / no shows
While we try to be understanding that things come up, please understand that it takes time and energy for your organizers to plan, work with the venue, etc. So when organizers say 6, 8, 10, 15 are going to show and then only 3 or 4 do, it is not only upsetting as an organizer but also for the venue who thought they were going to have a large group. Please try to be respectful of that.

- No shows / last minute cancellations and group membership
The event organizer has the option to mark you as a "no show" if you do not show to an event or if they deem your cancellation as last minute (day of / within hours of the event). Two no shows will result in the removal from the group.

This does include if you were on the waitlist and moved over as you need to keep your RSVP's updated.

- Membership Dues
We have a yearly membership of $5. For those of you that don't know, meet up charges to keep groups active.  This will assist the charges the organizer has to pay biannually to operate the group.

Upcoming events (1)

Early Brunch and Biscuits

Needs a location

Early brunch because they don’t take reservations

Nothing says home cooking like biscuits, which are made from scratch here and appear on the menu in a variety of ways. from Biscuit French Toast and Biscuit Pot Pie to The Franklin, a biscuit sandwich with buttermilk-fried chicken topped with melted cheese and bacon, all smothered in sausage or mushroom gravy, egg optional. Some biscuit combos are drenched in maple syrup and/or house-made honey butter.

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