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Authentic Relating Games Night
Are you tired of mundane, superficial conversations that leave you struggling to stay awake, engaged, or interested? If so, then Authentic Relating (AR) games just might be for you! AR games are fun, edgy ways to go deep quickly with friends and strangers alike and include interactions that allow for more genuine relatedness than the mere surface-level interactions that comprise so much of “normal” conversations. Get tickets here:

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If you have left the Mormon Church, or are struggling with staying, this group is for you. Also if you are struggling with an inner faith marriage this group will support you too.
The big three issues I have found that people struggle with after leaving are:
1- Community- the church is an insular institution and it encompasses your whole life. When people leave they struggle with building a new community and they are often ostracized by active members.
2- Betrayal- the feeling of gaslighting (Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation, ) is often present. They have deep questions about what they used to believe, but no longer can accept.
3- Shame and Guilt- these feeling are installed in our nervous system as young children and can be quite pernicious once we leave. For instance, drinking a cup a coffee is a quite a benign act, but can have a large emotional toll on someone struggling.
This is what I see, if this does not fit your experience, please don't let this stop you. This group would love your feedback and contribution!

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