What we're about

I believe the energy of this world of ours is out of balance. Religion focuses on the male God, what about the Goddess? Let’s allow her loving and powerful presence in our lives.
It’s time for us to get to know her, in all her aspects and finding her in our own soul. The more we understand her, the higher her energy will rise and more balance will be obtained on this beautiful Mother Earth.
I am opening a group to connect with and celebrate the feminine divine spirit.

I’ve been called to embrace the Goddess energy around me and I walk this world gracefully in love with her. She has allowed me to expand my consciousness, to allow others to see my vulnerable truths and allowed to know others soul’s on an intuitive level. She holds me in her embrace each day. She has stretched me into the unfamiliar and allowed me access to wonderful self development. I know unconditional love thanks to her and she has given me the best gifts in life.

She is a woman that has been embodied fully in so many cultures around beautiful Gaia and loves me completely for everything that I represent. She has supported and encouraged me in the brightest and the darkest of times. Thanks to her I have less fears, worries, doubts and concerns. I have learned to trust in the process and gladly have devoted myself to her. I feel her presence wherever I go and so grateful.

We will:

Be doing group activities that will help us to connect to our personal expression of the feminine.
Learn tools to connect deeper with the divine feminine and with the Goddess.
Educating and supporting everyone to obtain that divine spark that resides within us all and to do it with laughter while we have fun.

Workshops will be held by Yukiko Amaya, who has taken over from Dr. Sonya.

Open to all genders and orientations.

I am an energy healer, Soul Motion® conscious movement/dance teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, Embodied Radiant Empowerment coach, and Priestess of Goddess in the Avalonian tradition. I have led divine feminine / Goddess workshops, retreats and classes to connect people to their own divine wisdom and source energy for the past 20 plus years. The Goddess, the Great Cosmic Mother, brings us back into a more loving, holistic and respectful relationship with ourselves, with each other, with all life. We are all in this together. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this spiral path with you.

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