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What we’re about

We are a social adult oriented Dr*nking Club with a R*nning Problem.

About the Group:
The Fredericksburg Urban Hash House Harriers is a dr*nking club with a running/walking problem, one of some 1500+ "kennels" world wide, and one of roughly 18 kennels between Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA. All participants are required to be 21 or older unless with a parent.
While we combine running and walking with alcohol consumption, we promote *responsible* dr*nking along with the social aspects of exercise. Hashing is a funtastic way for couch potatoes to ease their way into cardio exercise through our randomly laid trails, or for marathoners to throttle back without sacrificing on training.

How it works:
One or more hashers, called hares, lay a trail with eco-friendly biodegradable flour and/or chalk. Trails start any where the hare(s) choose(s), usually in Stafford, Spotsylvania, or Fredericksburg; may be live (laid in real time) or dead (pre-laid) or a mix; are marked both on pavement and through various wooded or field terrain (called shiggy), and may even have water crossings. Trails end (called the On-In) at start (A to A), or near start (A to A' - within walking distance), or far from start (A to B - requiring carpooling back start).
Marks tell the pack, called hounds, what direction trail leads. However, there are various marks, such as false trails, thrown in to cause a little confusion. Such marks are designed to help keep the pack together since we are a mix of fast runners and slow walkers.
A circle follows trail. The pack gives the hares feedback. Virgins (first time hashers) are recognized and welcomed. Violations (embarrassing happenings on trail) are convicted. Upcoming events within our own kennel or surrounding kennels are announced. Following circle the pack sometimes breaks to an on-after (a pub or restaurant).

Hashers are recognized by a non-nerd hash name, customarily given by the kennel first run with. Fredericksburg hashers are named after attending five trails and haring one trail.

Our schedule (hare line) falls every other Saturday with a 3pm (1500) start time, no matter the weather, and never slides to the right. We will add a hash for visiting hashers, and for hashers who want to introduce visitors of their own on off-schedule weekends.

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