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What we’re about

Michelle Hoffmann is a life & relationship coach who helps singles develop their dating skills and heal subconscious patterns of self-sabotage so that love becomes inevitable.
This group is for you to discover and nurture the Relationship of Your Dreams, Transforming Your Love Blocks into Relationship Gold. Through her international best-selling books, live workshops and coaching programs, Michelle provides you with a proven method to transform from jaded, frustrated singles into competent, confident, love magnets.

The most foundational skill needed in dating is the ability to discern if someone is a good match for you—but how exactly do you do it?
What if you could discover some of the secrets the experts use to help their clients find love and use them to become your own matchmaker?
Come learn the basics in Self-Matchmaking 101 to move from chemistry to casual lovingly committed in the relationship that is right for you.

This is definitely one of those classes that will help you in quarantine and beyond.