Dec Meetup



## Re-thinking Front-End Architecture in terms of DX and UX
Speaker: Jaya Krishna Namburu (

Description - Front-End is evolving at a faster pace and its often its a little overwhelming. In this talk we will be discussing about how to find the proper balance between and Developer and User Experience and how they effect each other.

## Rexy - The programming language for next generation applications.
Speaker: Sree Krishna Raja (

Description: Rexy is a programming language built from the ground up to build complex next-gen applications. In this talk, I the founder discuss the design & goals of Rexy.

## Introduction to React Hooks
Speaker: Sriram (
Description: Hooks was a great feature introduced in React 16.8. In this talk we will learn about hooks, it's pros/cons and creating custom hooks by refactoring a class based React app

## Reference vs value in Javascript
Speaker: Varun (
Description: This talk will be a breather about how JavaScript passes around objects and primitives and what it actually means to pass by reference and value in JavaScript. We will also talk about how the concept of immutability works in JavaScript

We're looking for more talks. Please add a comment here if you're interested in giving a talk.