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Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while the opposite gender speaks candidly about intimacy, gender and dating? This is your opportunity.

In these Meetup events we build community while going straight to the source -- each other -- to answer the most pertinent questions about how best to pursue, connect, and share in the love and intimacy we are all looking for.

How will we do this? We'll use a simple form called a Fishbowl. One Meetup, men sit in the inner circle and candidly discuss together their answers to the women's questions about a topic related to love/relationship/dating. The women form a circle around the men and listen in to the details. The following meetup the roles switch.

Plenty of mix and mingle time built in to meet and connect with others.

We welcome you to participate as much or as little as feels right to you. Either way you get to enjoy the juicy conversation.

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