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Hey this meetup is just for females. Must be 21+

Also if you joined this group it automatically removed my besties please rejoin. I'm sad. Ahhh.

Anyways about Besties well
I wanted to make a meetup that really empowers us women to come together and make s*** happen. I want us to go out, dance, drink, workout, shop, brunch and much more. The older I get the harder it becomes to make real life long lasting friendships. So I invite you to come out and let's enjoy what life throw at us. I personally love to get dressed up and go out. I also love to wear pjs and stay in and munch out. I hope to organize many events so that we can get to know each other and hang out at our meetup events and outside. I hope one of you can be my ride or die chica.

Why this group well I never do anything out of spite or jealousy I do not believe in ever throwing people under the bus, talking s**** I do not believe in being mean we are all grown AMAZING women and sometimes sensitive, yes a bad a*** attitude but in the right way. So of you are ready to truly have fun join me on my journey to long lasting friendships and exploring amazing locations from Irvine to Los Angeles to San Diego and Newport to DTSA. All women welcome, can't wait to meet you. I am truly excited to be your friend and live life to the fullest.



3 no shows and your out please try to come or let me know if you can't come I understand last min personal stuff just email me or text me. Please don't create your own meetup events on my discussion board, you can ask if people want to hang out and message each other personally this will cause confusion and is not fair to me since I am organizing events BUT I am more than welcome to making you a host or creating and event you want. . The discussions board is about asking questions about work, life, drama, bf stuff or food recommendations. jobs, networking just don't set something up with reservations and there is a fee of $5 this is to pay for the group, save money and organize a pool party, bbq, picnic or mini events other than that enjoy and have fun ladies, let loose and don't forget this meetup is to make real friends NO DRAMA! I truly care about making all you feel loved, comfortable and care about making friends.

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