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I have a lot of interests and energy and would like to join other Social Retirees (singles and couples) age 65 and older looking for fun activities in the greater Raleigh area -- and further. We'll take day trips to festivals and interesting attractions; attend new exhibits at local museums; find music to hear; and even go to a restaurant or two. I hope you'll join me.

Many events will be low or no cost, but will have vendors where you can choose to spend money if you wish. I won't exclude special events that might cost a little more once in a while. I'm on a fixed budget too, but want to have a wide variety of experiences for us. If we carpool to a location, please offer the driver a few dollars for gas.

My rules are simple and basic:

• Profiles include a clear, close-up picture that can be used to recognize each other. Please include a recent photo that is a closeup of your face to make it easy for people to see what you look like. Do not submit a profile photo that includes other people (besides you). To further help members feel safe and comfortable, I do my best to verify the identity of everyone who asks to join this group, including internet searches.

• No solicitations of other members for any purpose, charity, business, or group.

• No drama. No gossip. No talking about a member with other members.

• Assume the other person had good intent and communicated poorly. Or that you might have misunderstood.

• Be respectful of all members. We are all different and I consider that the spice of life.

• This is not a dating site. Please do not send messages like "nice smile" or "I can't wait to meet you" especially if you have not even met the person. Most often, it makes the receiver uncomfortable and is considered creepy. I will follow this up and take necessary action.

• Inform me immediately if someone else in the group makes you feel uncomfortable. We'll discuss it to determine the best course of action and I will follow up.

• Attend when you sign up for an event. If you are not sure you can attend events until the day of (because of a chronic illness for example), do not sign up in advance. Only sign up that day when you are sure you can attend. All events for which I make paid or unpaid reservations (for example, restaurants or docent-led tours) will require a 24-hour notice of cancellation or it will be considered a "no-show".

• No last-minute cancellations unless there are extenuating circumstances. Last-minute cancellations will be considered "no shows".

• Two "no shows" will cause your removal from the group.

If any of these rules seem onerous to you, perhaps you should consider leaving the group.

None of these are meant to replace Guidelines provided by If you have any questions, you can see them here: .

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