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We are a group of women from all walks of life joining together with a common interest of building sisterly bonds. I've seen far too many times women who talk about one another who call themselves friends, women who turn their noses up at other women who may not dress, look, or have what others have i.e. the best clothes or car. We are caring, loving, compassionate, considerate, supportive and encouraging. We do not belittle, criticize, throw shade, be judgmental or rude. Our goal is to form an unbreakable chain by interacting through outings, group activities, discussions, support groups and volunteering. The group will meet as a whole quarterly to discuss group activities, fundraisers, volunteer services and expenses. At least 2 outings will be scheduled a month. I know that this site is geared more toward just finding something to do however, The Sisterhood can be your one stop shop for whatever you may be interested in doing and with like minded people. If you are a member of more than five groups, are you sure this group is for you? We are looking to build sisterly bonds and I feel that you can't do that when you are involved in so much. Just my opinion. Dues will be collected in the amount of $10.00 a month (yes 10.00), to be paid after your 14 day trial period. Please feel free to message me with questions. I look forward to building bonds with you.


Past events (4)

It's a Miracle and its on 34th St.

Hampden Christmas Street Holiday Show

Who's fool, Nobody's Fool

Cinebistro at the Rotunda

The Sisterhood Meet and Greet

Skipjack's Crab House & Sports Bar

The Sisterhood 1st Annual Meet and Greet

Skipjack's Crab House & Sports Bar

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