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When joining, prepare yourself to attend one event per month. You can of course attend more often, but to ensure this group continues to offer diversity, all members attending at least one event is critical.
Melbourne Writers is an ever-expanding group of creatives based in the heart of the city of Melbourne run by Mat Clarke. With over 5,000 members, we are a diverse hotpot of bubbling talent involved in a wide variety of enjoyable events.

This new website allows you to have your work published. Join and contribute: 
Our collaborative group helps to inspire all levels of writers. New writers, intermediate writers, as well as our experienced writers with many titles under their name. 
These events embrace everyone. The many variants of writers' genres, the many creative talents our members enjoy, and the regular people who would just like to get together and share experiences.
Our aim is to cultivate a group where we can meet often and with an openness that creates an atmosphere of cooperation that will lead each person to their individual goal. Which could be to become published. Or to get that book out of your head on to paper that you have always wanted to write. It may be that you have been writing alone for so long that you need other people around you so that you know you are not alone. Whatever the reason, you and all people are welcome to attend.
As well as our regular meets where we chat and read out our work, we run writing games, which is lots of fun and can get you out of your writer's-block rut. We run writing time where people get together and just write. Being around other writers while writing is an amazing experience.
Our supportive and fun events have been designed to run during the week as well as weekends so that everyone can make it regardless of their busy schedule. Come along and talk to other writers, or listen to our writers as they read out their work.
If you are not able to attend our events, there are many great resources that can be accessed through our Facebook & Meetup links.
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