October Meetup

Hosted by Melbourne Developer Meetup

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We’ve got a fantastic night planned for you:

Plenty of $100 AWS Vouchers to GIVE AWAY

Talk 1: Tips & Tricks every developer needs to know.
Presented by: Andrew Khoury & Hamid Nazari.

Everything from SSH foo to Sublime wizardry. These are the secrets learnt by developers and devops engineers in the trenches.

Talk 2: Google Dart, the new contender.
Presented by: Nigel Dunn.

Dart is an open-source Web programming language developed by Google.

Proposed Agenda:
- Doors Open 5:30 PM
- Introduction 6:00 PM
- First Talk 6:15 PM
- Dinner 6:45 PM
- Second Talk 7:15 PM
- WrapUp, Giveaways, Networking 7:45 PM+