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Are you looking for new friends in Melbourne?

Melbourne Speed Friending is here for you. We offer safe and friendly events where you can meet new friends in Melbourne quickly. Become friends without having to worry about awkward social situations. The goal is to friend zone each other through engaging and good conversations.

We are looking for positive people who are open to talking to everyone and open to interacting with both girls and guys. People talk to each other for four minutes at a time. A bell rings after four minutes, and everyone moves on to speak to the next potential friend.

Let's make Melbourne a friendlier place by fostering conversations between strangers that are both fun and exciting. What's excellent about speed-friending is that everyone is here with the same purpose. So, bring a friend or make some new friends. Speed Friending events will be held all over Melbourne. So, come along and who knows, you might make some friends for life.

It is important to note that we are not a speed dating group. Therefore, you should look elsewhere if you are seeking a potential partner or relationship.

To protect our Melbourne Speed Friending community, we have eight simple rules in place.

a) We are not a dating group. There are other groups for that.
b) We have a no phone number policy. It is not okay to ask members for their phone numbers or share your number with others. Please use meetup's messaging system if you wish to communicate with someone you have met.
c) Our events are only open to people aged 18 and older.
d) We ask that you refrain from adding people to WhatsApp groups or other groups.
e) Please do not advertise other events or groups.
g) We don't allow carpooling.
h) Please do not sell products/services (Including MLM, Pyramid Schemes, Mentorship) to our members during or after the event.
i) Please be friendly to other event attendees.

For our members' safety and overall experience, we will be removing members who violate the above rules.

Liability Waiver:

The organizer of this group cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury, or accidents to participants or their property at this event. By participating in this event, you're taking responsibility for your safety and well-being. By joining this event, you agree to the liability waiver.

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